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Welcome to the Veterinary Social Work Discussion Board.

This is an area to collaborate and share work on the four areas of veterinary social work.

  • Animal Assisted Interactions
  • Animal related grief and bereavement
  • The link between human and animal violence
  • Compassion fatigue and conflict management

You can search for topics you are interested in, send private messages, get support, share resources, and join in the creation of veterinary social work.

Glad you are here!

(Elisha ) #4

I am currently a Social Worker at a Nursing home in Missouri and would like to gain more education. Where could I obtain a veterinary social work degree or certificate?



(Dr. Elizabeth B. Strand, LCSW) #5


(Maura Bevilacqua) #6

Hi to all of you. I am thinking the same. I would like to undertake an accredited veterinary social work course. I am a qualified social worker in Australia, I have my Masters in Social Work and currently working at Monash University within Field Education Social Work Dept. This is an area of interest and would like to develop my knowledge in this area.
Can you please advise.
Thanks Maura

(Dr. Elizabeth B. Strand, LCSW) #7

(Francesca) #8

Hi Elisha, Where in MO are you located?

(Elisha ) #9

I live in the Kansas City area.

(Francesca) #10

I am in Columbia, if you ever wanted to come out and take a tour of our facility and see our veterinary social work setup you are most welcome :slight_smile:

(Elisha ) #11

Oh that would be awesome! Do you have a website? Is there a Program I could apply for?

(Francesca) #12

(Elisha ) #13

That sounds like a great program! I believe the animal human bond is very important, I have three dogs of my own and they are part of my family. What qualifications and/or education is required for a position in this field? I am very interested to learn more and take a tour of your facility. It’s only 2 hours away for me. Thanks

(Wendy Louise Till) #14

HI Maura, I am a social worker in Perth and currently at the Uni of Tennessee for the face to face part of the VSW program. It is fantastic! I would love to connect with you when I am back in Aust.
Cheers, Wendy

(Maura Bevilacqua) #15

Hi Wendy,

Firstly I was s happy to receive a response and even happier to hear that you are in Perth. I would love to hear all about the course. Enjoy your time in Tennessee and hoping when you return or when you have a moment we can catch up by phone or by email. Are you working in this area?

Kind regards


(Wendy Louise Till) #16

Hi Maura,

No I am not working in this field yet, but am very interested as my first degree was Veterinary Science (although I never finished) and retrained as a SW instead. So this is kind of my two worlds colliding!


(April Block) #17

I am very excited to finally begin my journey for the certificate program and begin my first module. Is there anyone in Iowa or close Midwest? I would love to see this program and how it is working in the “real world” of work. My dream is to be one of the first in the area to be an expertise.