Eight Communication Guidelines for Conversations with Emotional Charge

(Vswcp) #1

Here are some guidelines that people may find useful for setting group norms or helping people talk effectively about animals and other topics with emotional charge. Please review them and abide by these guidlines as you post to this site.

Use freely!

Eight Communication Guidelines.pdf (77.8 KB)

Do you have any guidelines you would like to share?

(Karma Lynn Carpenter) #2

Thank you, this is very useful!

(Kristin Kesnowski) #3

Very Helpful - I will be sharing this with our staff. Thanks!

(Mayumi Coloma, LCSW) #4

Thank you! This is going up on my board!

(Heather White) #5

Love this, thank you!

(Karen B. Wimberly) #6

Very much appreciated.